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GS Agency a digital marketing agency was founded to help small business owners establish and keep a strong web presence online. We realized that there are a lot of businesses that need help in online marketing.

Gone are the days where advertising in the newspaper, phone book, radio, or even local television was the dominant choice. All these methods are becoming obsolete because of the power of search engines like Google. We can help you establish and keep a strong internet presence.

Our team is made up of SEO, Social Media, and Video Marketing professionals. Our skills combined allow us to help you and your business to reach the next level and get the best possible value.

We provide professional website design, social media management, search engine optimization, video commercials, and email marketing services.

“We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication”

When we are not working hard, we like to grow our personal YouTube channels and social media following.

We always learn and test new things on our social channels that allows us to use the most effective and efficient practices on your business and get you the highest ROI as possible!

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Szabolcs Hudak

Creative Director

Jennie Stone

Social Media

Eniko Janvari

Social Media Expert

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